Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yes I.... (Open Diary)

I cry, yes I break out and get pimples, yes I have cellulite ,yes there are parts of my body i've been unsure about before .... I have worries, I've had my heart broken several times , I've been cheated on, I've been hurt, I've been torn down , I've been built up, I've lied, I learned , I've been lied to, I've made mistakes, I've walked away from what the in crowd said do, I've been scrutinized for it, I've been picked on, I've been praised, I've thought I'm fat...I've thought I'm not good enough.I guess that just makes me human .. wouldn't you say ?
Now what can you tell me about myself that I don't know ?
When its all said and done.. I still love this girl. (Flaws and All)<3
As real as it gets (raw)
Angela S.

Open Diary 2011


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  2. truestory everygirl can relate to this u went in angela

  3. Yo Ang this might be ur realest post yet!!!

  4. I love this! I can say that I can relate totally! Keep up the good work that you are doing. I am a fan of you & Vanessa! Much more success to you & your family!

    Peace & Blessings,
    One Divinely Made

  5. Angela o fine azz::) whassup wit it let meread it real quickthat's pretty deep personally i really like it. I think your phat tho:) not fat. but when you go out to London for the Olympics we should go together. We won't be a celebrity couple you'll be he celebrity i can illuminate in your star the Europeans they'll be like whos that wit Angela He look good tho and he got style. I be fresh. That's me here I'll share this with you might like it

    Change my heart, oh God
    Make it ever true
    Change my heart, oh God
    May I be like you

    You are the potter
    I am the clay
    Mold me and make me
    This is what I pray

    I do recogniza the Diary to be very intimate and private so o share your inner deepest feelings and just to keep it real speaks volumes I'mma call it a night and I hope you have a great night and catch up wit you when you tweeting from good ole sunny California tomorrow XOXo


  7. Your very inspiring, and I love the fact that it is genuine. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for spillin your heart to us and showing that celebs are really human.

    XO from Toronto

  9. i Need Relaationship Advice dearly !!
    i feel so alone! o m g , i miss jacorey. i don't know how i fell so deep in love with him to where i cant get out. umm; i guess yu never really get over the person yu first fall "in love" with. it's hard ! hard as hell without him ! he has my heart.. but i cant believe he is with another girl. i mean, what type of boyfriend lets a girl ruin the best thing y'all had? i know what it feels like to be alone aUnderstan how ah person can put 9months of being in love & still In Love To Waste! he will forever have my love and I feel as if noone understands the pain! i d k , if he even hurts as much as i do. all i wanted was for it to be me & him; just us & us only that is all We needed was each other. Some one who i once Comsidered as My Love, My Baby, My Bae, My Bestfriend, My husband, My Everything . . . is now Nothing to me. all because i chose to tell him im out his life for good! I Have to stick to what i say but i don't mean that! i don't want to be out his life for good , i always have this little piece of hope in my mind/heart that it is meant to be and just give it time. . . i don't want no one else to have him like i "once" maybe "still" do have him. i'm not saying i'm going to move on but i will move… i have to realize i cant compare everybody to him and what we had! We are still young. even though i hate him right now, id rather be with him than any other. Also , id still do whatever and anything for him. it will hurt but will hopefully get better in the end. everything doesn't last forever and im just waiting for the day he realizes what he has lost and let go. Please Anyone With Advice ; Ms. Angela... Help Me Out.

    1. I have great advice for you girl #1 Please understand one spoiled relationship is never the end Im sure your a smart beautiful young lady with the sense to find a stronger more true LOVE I'd love to chat more, so please check out & JOIN my new website where u can go in on how u feel and do it anonymously

  10. Any One With Advice About My Last Comment (Above ^^) Feel Free To Email Me @ Thank Yall.

  11. U lie? Lol U laid it out quite nicely in your diary.
    I just request you no longer put yourself in position
    to get your heart broken. That is All A mindstate
    & perception for the moment & too cliche
    for what U really got goin' on inside U. Keep up
    the groundwork for your greatness. LuvMax

  12. WOW I love it. You are truly an inspiration for me to start my own blog. I can relate because recently went through a heartbreak. I'm healing because I know God has someone better for me. I just have to love myself and accept myself Flaws n All. At the the blogger hnesn I'm praying for you. I'm just broke off a friendship and relationship with this guy that I've since I was 15 years old. I'm in my 30yrs now. It was HARD to loose the friendship but something we try to hold onto to things that GOD is trying to remove us from for some reason. I'm not saying to leave him. But I pray the things will workout for the best for you. Trust he realizes that you are good for him.
    what one guys doesn't accept a better one will. Following blog-Vonda'sWorld- LOVE YA smooches my sisters.

  13. I think im fat and alot of ppl think im crazy but i guess i havent excepted myself fully :( blog and your tweets have lifted my spirits alot and #ithankyou

  14. This is the realest thing I heard all week. Nice post Angela.

  15. yea i think im fat too but im not...just girl problems we all have glad you have a blog tho it really helps others girls because ur relatable get to see the real you :)

  16. I love ur blogs and the things you put up.....

  17. it is good to be true to yourself.

  18. Wow! You left me speechless!!!

  19. I just love how your not afraid to share with us the things you been through or goin through :) and how u got over or getting over them. your just a great role model

  20. Imperfectly, Perfect.

    That was amazing. very bold. brave.
    From a starlight ...One would never expect such truth.

    I thought you were the coolest, before. You have truly surpassed that. xoxo

  21. love your flaws people