Friday, December 31, 2010

My Last Day of 2010

 This is my day in a nutshell. I'm so excited to enter a new year.  A new year means a new me. The last couple pictures of me are pictures of me trying on my new years shoes after a long day of running around. I'm about to go and get glamarized for this super night ahead of me. I hope everyone has a great new years. Be safe please. <3 Love always ....


Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Top Miami Spots

Mr. Chows @ the W hotel 
Prime 112

Inside of Prime 112

(Fried Oreos from Prime 112 )

These are some of my favorite Miami spots. I love Mr.Chows. Prime 112 has the best Oreos. They fry their oreos. I know that sounds really different. But trust me they are amazing. I'm a dessert lover. Another really fun place to hang in Miami is Nikki Beach. Its a really nice place to chill out and vibe. They play really good music. A super chill vibe. Hope you enjoy the places I listed. :)

My Miami Arrival

I'm so excited! I just touch down in MIA. Which only can mean good times to come. Miami is one place I just cant get enough of. When I travel through the airport I always like to be comfortable. I'm sure you can tell from the pictures above. As soon as I got to my hotel I sat outside ,and took in all the great air. I cant wait to see what this trip beings. Also it wouldn't be a trip without wearing my sparkly gold Uggz. They make every comfy outfit a little cooler than normal. Hehe. But i will keep you guys posted with pictures from my trip. We are quickly approaching 2011. So lets get it started. :) 
Signing off
Angela. S

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Giuseppe Zanotti

Can you guess which one is my new years shoe ? If you guessed the first image your right. Giuseppe Zanotti always keeps me guessing with his creative sense of style. I love and adore his shoes. I can never get enough of  his shoes. I'm so excited to wear my Zanotti's for new years. I will keep you guys posted with my new years outfit. :) . But in the mean time enjoy the shoes I posted above.

What is love ?

 The definition of love is.........
An undefined emotion that flows through you. 
You define love.
An unconditional thing.
Beats everything.
A deep passion.
A feeling.
A deep form of like beyond your imagination.
Like a stain on your heart. 

Angela Simmons ( Open diary 2010)

      What is love to you ? Take a piece a paper ,and write whatever comes to mind. I think love is  a beautiful thing. Never be too busy to let love into your life. Open your heart. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A day and life ( December 28, 2010)

Today i was bummy chic. lol. Or at least thats what i call it. I started my day off by hoping in a cab. And then working my way around the lovely city in this white snow. Not sure how fun that was. My feet were so cold.  I seen my friend kathleen along the way. And then ended up with my brother diggy.:) good times. 2011 is near so we took some silly pictures. I also seen two items of clothing that I thought were cute. One of them above is a faux fur coat which I love. And also a shirt that look comfy but dressy at that same time. Both can be found at H&M cool right ? I topped my day off with a lovely vegetarian meal from cabana. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

ThrowBack Pastry

I was looking through some old photos, and i came across the first pastry photo shoot. Pastry has grown so much. Just to think we started this all in 2007. Our first line started with only four pairs of sneakers. which are in the above photo shoot. Now pastry has grossed over 50 million dollars. Check out the video above. Dreams really do come true. Never give up hope on what it is that you want to do. Live like there is no tomorrow. For our latest collection log on to

Mad for nails

The one thing that I love is nails. The pictures above are some japanese nail designs. I've been super obsessed with these japanese gel nails. The nails last for at least a month if you allow them to. Which is great for me when i'm on the road working. Also in the first picture are minx nails. I love gold minx, as well as cheetah ones. I am obsessed with cheetah.  With the 3-D japanese  nails you can get as crazy as you want. Which leaves it to your imagination to create any nail style you want. Enjoy!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Fitness is something that I take very seriously. Nobody is perfect , but there's nothing wrong with working hard at what you want in life. I think its very important for everyone to stay on top of their health. It doesn't matter what age you are. Being healthy can only make your life easier. I find working out to be very helpful in relieving stress. So if you are a worry wart like me , than working out can be a huge help to you. Working out makes you a healthier person. Let's all make our goals for 2011 to work out more. You don't have to be unrealistic with yourself, but make an effort to be a better YOU. Lets go guys.  New year. New you. :)

A look into my closet

I thought this blazer was a steal. I just brought it LA at wasteland. That store has the best vintage stuff ever!     

Christian Louboutin ,  Vintage clutches , Vintage blazer

Dear Future Husband

As i'm looking on the inside.
I see the breaks, tears, and rips. Not sure where they came from.
Just knowing they need to be fixed. From guy to guy. Hurt to hurt.
I'm beginning to wonder if i'm even fit for this.
I cant seem to find where I fit right in. Most guys are great when you meet them , but after a few weeks its a new story.
I know i'm not perfect , but I don't ask for much. 
I want to be love respected and honored. I need to feel I to matter. 
Perhaps I'm just a handful. A little too much of one for these guys now days. 
I demand too much maybe. i've sat back and let a guy control and i lost myself in the middle of it all 
I promised myself id never do that again. its almost like I cant find the perfect guy for me. 
What seems to be perfect changes in minutes. I want to feel happy for the rest of my life.
Not because of a guy ,but because i want to be happy. 
I don't know if you can fully give a guy what he needs or wants , but I know when the time is right prince charming will sweep me off my feet. 
I can truly say that gifts and flowers don't completely make me happy. 
I need to find joy in a males emotions. 
I love so hard when i love a man. Dear man whoever you are out there. Wherever you are I love you. For i'm your future wife, and I want to marry you. I want to fulfill what it is that you need from a wife. I'd never cheat on you, id never make you feel uncomfortable. Well at least id try my hardest. 
I know there's no such thing as perfection but for you i want to be that.. I want to be that perfect wife. Hopefully one day ill fill those shoes.
I'm into love and fairy tales, but i'm not into a forced one that maybe after all was just in my mind.
I guess you sold me thoughts of you that i thought were true. 
I learned along the way that maybe i don't know all of you. 
Your an amazing guy, but there's just some things you do that confuses me.    
Things that hurt me. You openly do on purpose, and then admit it was dumb. Please don't be sorry with me if your not sorry. I'm woman enuff to accept that you feel different and we don't agree. 
Its not right to just appease me with those i'm sorry words. I know I fall deep so quickly. Maybe thats bad. I jump in head first so excited because I think i've found the one. But perhaps i'm a fool. I just want God to lead me in the right direction. Dear husband , wherever you are i'm your wife and i cant wait till we meet.
love truly my heart and soul.... 

Angela Simmons ( Open Dairy 2010) 

Welcome to my world

Welcome to Angela Simmons's world. I'm so excited to let you guys in on my life. On this blog i'll be letting you in on my personal life. Along with fashion, beauty, health and fitness. So sit back and welcome to my silly world. Of course ill always have fun pictures for you to view and lots more. So stay tuned.