Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some Fun In Run's House ( LOL HOME)

Jess, Diggy, Kanayo

Russy Playing Ball 

Me and Lil Miley <3

Miley took this picture. (Ps those are pastry shoes she's wearing)

We played basketball <3

I thought i was nice with the ball ! haha

Me and Pal.. aww he is so cute.. 


  1. Family time is always fun. How old is Miley now?

  2. I miss seeing you and your family every week on MTV. You guys are so fun to watch. I finally posted my first blog and it was about you. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for being you, I'm watching cause you inspire me to be a better me. God Bless, your #1 fan Moe. <3

  3. love them especially the 1 with diggy tell him i said happy valentines day and to u angela happy valentines day and god bless!!! 1-4-3

  4. plzzzzz bring back runs house on TV!!!! miss seeing u guys!

  5. Miley is so big now. it's always great to spend time with the fam.

  6. lil Miley has grown so much since i saw her in Runs House on MTV! Bring back the show! Loved watching you!

  7. yall having fun

  8. Thanks Angela. I needed that. Miley is so big now. I miss Run's House. Made my day.:)

  9. Great post;) I like your shoes ;)

  10. Hey Angela.

    This is Paola Alejandra all the way from
    Singapore. I keep up with your twitter and blog. And back then your shows.
    Loved run's house so much. I just admire
    You and know that you're such a well driven woman. Your words and your thoughts, they just inspire me and make me want to do better in life and never settle for less. Your dad, he is a true man of god, his words too they keep me going when I have a bad day. Here in my church they teach me almost similar stuff to your dad's and the more I feel driven in life. I'm excited for life. Lastly I wish you all the best and may God continue dwelling and blessing you and your home.

    Paola Alejandra m tan (do check my Tumblr out:))