Monday, December 27, 2010


Fitness is something that I take very seriously. Nobody is perfect , but there's nothing wrong with working hard at what you want in life. I think its very important for everyone to stay on top of their health. It doesn't matter what age you are. Being healthy can only make your life easier. I find working out to be very helpful in relieving stress. So if you are a worry wart like me , than working out can be a huge help to you. Working out makes you a healthier person. Let's all make our goals for 2011 to work out more. You don't have to be unrealistic with yourself, but make an effort to be a better YOU. Lets go guys.  New year. New you. :)


  1. It is definitely my goal to focus more on fitness in the new year and to keep it consistent! When I'm on it, I'm on it and I feel great. Unfortunately, once you fall off you have to get your mind wrapped around getting back in the groove and getting back in shape. My body will thank me later, new me! :)

  2. Very nice blog!!!
    And must I'm really enjoying your tweets! ;)
    Great job Angela!!

    I wish you a Happy New Year!!!

    xx Ale

  3. Working out is so necessary but laziness seems to get the better of me a lot of the time and when I see all your tweets bout how often you gym ... I feel awful :-(. Good on you for working out like 5 days out of 7 :-). Hopefully I can get there one day.

  4. So true working out is very good for you. but i must say i have been a bit lazy during these holidays. i plan to get back into my workout routen from the 1st of Jan.

    enjoy the work out.


  5. hoping u wil be replyin to our comments lol

  6. Well said Ms. Angela!!! I have a 6 1/2 month old baby and I am no longer breast feeding. It's now officially time to get my body back. I began a lifestyle change last week; eating VERY healthy again!!! Lots of veggies, I always drink H2O (so that's not a problem), more working out, and watching my portions that I eat when eating meals. Thank you for sharing your views and techniques with us. :)

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  8. Hey Angela, You have always inspired me to work out. Every time I saw your tweets when you was in LA, you was hitting the gym hard. You always go hard when it comes to working out, I do not have a gym in my house and right now money is kind of tight to join one but I will start by eating right. (yea that could be the start of something new) (talking to myself as I type) lol. I am not the average girl size, and I would love to get healthy. Thanks for the boost. LETS GO!!! (in Angela Simmons voice)lol. Thank you again. P.s I think you know by now that I am following on twitter :) @Kelli_luv

  9. Enlighten the world what are some of your methods when it comes to becoming a healthier active person. I am sure their are many ways to stay healthy but many may not know how to continue or even start. Did you know January is the month where people sign up the most to stay or get fit through trainers, centers, etc. Couple of weeks or give it 2-3 months that number drops of memberships. Why so? Many reasons. What if people were paid to work out. Would that help? Like, $10 for every pound you lost.

    I came across your site. Maybe I should start blogging...I don't know. Words are wisdom and to be wise you must know what words to say because the world interprets words in many forms.

    Best of Luck and maybe I will continue this chat if I don't get caught up with other things. But I do look forward to your response.

    Many blessings,

    -Felix Lugo

  10. THIS IS TOTALLY MY MIND OF THINKING!!! I believe we all should STAY FIT for the purpose of a better lifestyle and attitude overall on life... HEALTHY BODY... HEALTHY MIND!!!
    Nice POST ANGELA... x

  11. Fitness is great for the health not just to loose weight--nice post!


  12. Love it! You are an inspiration ;0) I post your fitness vids to my blog often.

    Check me out at

  13. i agree thats what im goin to do for 2011 work out i do worry a lot about any and everything so that will help with that too :)

  14. Excellent advice!! I love how you put the focus on working out for health and bettering yourself rather than trying to live up to some ridiculous body stereotype. Keep growing, Angela! You're a born encourager <3