Friday, December 31, 2010

My Last Day of 2010

 This is my day in a nutshell. I'm so excited to enter a new year.  A new year means a new me. The last couple pictures of me are pictures of me trying on my new years shoes after a long day of running around. I'm about to go and get glamarized for this super night ahead of me. I hope everyone has a great new years. Be safe please. <3 Love always ....



  1. i absolutely love your blog so far. it is real and it lets us see who you really are...following immediately!

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  2. Angela you are so beautiful and I admire you. You are an entrepreneur, a business woman and a trend setter.. a triple threat, which is why you're my role model.

    Thanks for making the blog, it gives us a closer look at the woman we all look up to :)


  3. Thanks for sharing your day with us!
    Have a nice new years eve and be safe.

    Here in Amsterdam(Europe) its already 2011,so Happy 2011 from overseas

  4. The shoes, the outfit... absolutely beautiful... i do love your style... Happy 01/01/11!!!

  5. Love that cheetah print shirt girl and the capri's. Right up my alley!

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  6. Cute! Nice bod=) hope you enjoyed your new years eve and may 2011 bring you much more success...Check out my blog------->

  7. You are living it up....Wishing you peace and blessings and enjoy every moment and minute in a day rather it be just blank thoughts...You are such a beautiful spirit.