Saturday, January 1, 2011

Moment Of Truth

Self reflection
I'm not perfect. In fact I have flaws just as you do. Everyday isn't a good day 
but I make it a good day. No ones perfect. Its hard to find yourself when all 
you hear around you is broken records of critisim. No perfect body, no perfect 
face, nothings perfect in fact I don't think that'd even be so great. If this 
world were so perfect what would that really mean ? Would people understand the 
true meaning of self worth. Today's a day where maybe its not my best. But 
because I love myself , i'll make it through the day. Hearing your beautiful is 
only a second of satisfaction. It starts with me and ends with me. How could I 
love somebody if I don't love me ? Its starts right here and right now. Nobodys 
better than the person staring in the mirror. 
Love yourself.
Angela Simmons ( Open diary 2011) 


  1. yup thats very true... some people dont realize that...

  2. Nicely put. At 41 I am still learning that. I feel as if I love my husband more than myself... how can he truly love me after 22 years if I don't love myself anymore.

  3. It's all about self reflection and action. It's very refreshing to see a young starlet like yourself be so open with her inner feelings, I hope other young women are encouraged that they are not alone.

    Check out 'My Declaration of Independence & Year in Review'

    Thanks again for sharing!

    Monique M. McDowell
    Author & Poet

  4. Love this Angela! Also knowing and understanding God's love will teach us how to love ourselves and how to love others! LOVE YOUR BLOG -Cat Peoples-

  5. I love this post!!! its soo true you have to love yourself.Cause i have problems sometimes with that, but then i think how can i love someone with out me loving myself...I just want to thank u Angela for putting nothing but positive stuff on your blog. it helps me get though with my day and make me become a better person. :) God bless

  6. I appreciate your words so much, because for young people, especially in the world and time that we live in, physical image has become the determining factor of whether ur beautiful or not. And people disregard the inner person and focus on the outer and i think individuals like u are needed to remind people that its wats inside, your heart, and how you treat people that is most important. If we can focus on loving who we are as individuals, loving the person inside, all these self-image issues and self-hatred would come to an end, because i believe that every single person on this earth is beautiful, because God has never and will never create something unappealing. Thank you for your wise words and opening up so much... its really helpful to know that alot of things that we go through are not things that we go through by ourselves, and having a space like this to share is needed. All the best to you and God Bless <3 Zane.

  7. I'm just starting to appropriate and love myself for who am i and everything starts with you.

  8. this is so true! we often times look to others for the approval to accept ourselves...if the majority doesn't say we are great then we feel horrible. But who are they to give a final decision...people's views and opinions change daily so we would be constantly changing ourselves to win the approval of others.

    I'm also working to loving myself when I'm feeling great and when I'm feeling crappy. Once you know and love what's true to YOU, things begin to change. At least that's what Oprah and Jayz said LOL I think I'll take their word for it :-)))

  9. Hi Angela my name is Ray we meet at The W and took a pic together. I couldn't say much because I lost my voice (I'm surprised you understood I was asking for a picture). As awkward as this may sound out all the people there you seemed to be the only "normal" person there. I really can't explain it but you just seemed "special". Prior to today I was not following you on twitter on other type of "hype media". I don't care for any of these things because we all die. I just couldn't stop thinking like maybe I should have said more. Hopefully, you see this and we can keep in contact. The only way to let you know that this is real is by changing my profile pic to the picture from that night.
    A person that see what's inside you - @IntrnlyFlawless

  10. This Is AMAZING!!!! and SOOOOOO true! ~Michella~

  11. Self reflection is something that we as human go through and self acceptance is part of that process too. Once you love your self, learn to value your self, and able to see the the extent of you in others. Well all the little things that rub us the wrong way are just white noise. Happy New Year.

  12. O my goodness Angela I love reading your open diary entries! You are such an honest and down earth person. I feel like I can relate to you in so many ways and that's my favorite thing about you. You take the time out to reach out and inspire not only young women like myself but people all over the world. I admire you so much. I also have a blog in the works my first posting is going to be this friday. Hopefully you can check it out and leave some feedback. I'll leave another comment with the link this friday.
    ~Keep up the excellent work!!

  13. I love this :) I love that you are so genuine. Not many people know how to (or are willing to be) so real with themselves/others. Keep true to yourself and continue working hard and you'll be okay. And so true...Keep loving yourself...if only every young female could love herself...that's why I love that you are sharing this...a lot of people look up to you :)

  14. Oh my goodness tht touched me. Thank you for my evening inspiration. So unexpected. *tear