Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Open Discussion (Video)



  1. Fashion. Could We see your Wardrobe? Also I have a custom T-shirt line coming out, was wondering if I were to Send you a t-shirt will You take a picture in it. Also If I could Do a short Interview on you Online. Hope to hear from you. I love you and your family, Based on the show's you all have great morals and you all stick together, I love it.

  2. Good Morning Angela, wondering how things are going with your sneaker line and are you and your sister working on a fashion line?

  3. Love, Love, Love the brand!

    I would love to see posts about balance work/life/education etc

    How you maintain confidence/whether you've had any of those 'moments'

    And yessssss, more OOTD (outfits of the day) & maybe any upcoming fashion labels you wear that you think the world should know about?

    CAn't wait!!!


    Laura x

  4. I would really like to see more open letters/dairies. So far, the things you write in your open diaries relate to me so much (*tear*), and it helps to know that I'm not the only person feeling the sameway.


  5. I'm really trying to find a fashion marketing internship because my major is marketing and i was wondering if your company has a place for interns and if not do u know any other good places to intern. I'm also trying to make the decision on whether i should do marketing or PR, but marketing is broader, you know?

  6. Keep up the great work!!! @PleasureEllis Positivity and the Love for GOD over powers all!!

  7. I love love love your blog it keeps me motivated!

  8. What advice would you give a young female thats trying to get into the dancing/choreography business or the entertainment business in general? Would you relocate? would you stand out to be noticed?

  9. Weight loss tips! How do you stay motivated to work out?! Your body is amazing! Siiiick!

  10. I would love to get some advice on working out and eating healthy. and so hair tips, like what products do you use. keep up the good work. :)

  11. Super cute Angie! So glad to see you've started a blog and I'm looking forward to your posts this year.

    Suggestions: the fash/beauty lovers wanna know what you're fave brands and beauty products are! Or at least I do lol...

    CeCe from

  12. Hey Angela!

    Firstly excuse my mistake pliz (im frenche :s lol)!
    As you said we can ask you everything we want! :D
    I need an advice from you... Well, I plan on creating a brand of shoe, but I do not really know how to do it! Could this mark have an international scope while it is true that everything must start in the area where I live! So I would like some of your advice, how you start that you got to turn that Pastry become so international, and especially how to find a plant or I do not know what that could create drawings from the shoes...
    I pursue the vision God has given me ;) I need pple like you ti advice me.

    Ps: I appreciate your blog keep doin your thing Jesus luv ya.

  13. Thanks! for being open beautiful spirit...

  14. Every once in a while I would love for you to put us up on new music that's in your life. I already know you have great taste in music, I just think that it could turn into like a PR/A&R type situation for you. (Just a suggestion) Love Love Love Peace


  15. I would love to see a look inside your closet via an "outfit of the day" feature. Also, your workout routine is killer so a glimpse into that would be cool...

    Constructive Criticism: Whenever you're using stock pics from the web and not your own make sure the quality is there. The personal pics you use are great but I've noticed that some of the others are blurry.

  16. Hey Angela!

    I love your blog! It kind of reminds me of my blog, which is pretty much my world and everything I love in it!

    Check it out, and hopefully you find something that you love in the process.


  17. I would love to hear of some of your favorite vegetarian spots in nyc. I also would love to hear of what products you use in your hair and your daily hair regimen (if you have one). I think you are doing a great job so far considering this is your first blog. I look forward to your upcoming posts!

    Enjoy the rest of your day,


  18. Is there any way I could work with you? I am finishing school to become a fashion designer, and I would love to work with you, all the advice I could get from you would be well worth it.

    Oh and I would LOVE to see your shoe closet! How to dress warmly for winter and still look good in a fly pair stilettos.!/profile.php?id=511905657

    Candace Michelle

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  20. Hei Angie, My name is Alexis and i live in Oslo, Norway. Im such a huge fan yours and ur entire family. When i saw u tweet about ur blog, i got so excited about it. For some reason Angela, i can see myself in you. We have so much in common when it comes to some aspects of life. You are such an inspirastion to me. And I hope you also find some answer and truth through the blogging to apply in your life as well.
    If you ever have the time please check out my blog and feel free to comment. Much love Alexis

  21. Great blog Angela. Keep up the good work. I'm sure it's not easy to put yourself out there as you have. Good for you for keeping it real and not losing touch with your fans.
    I'd love to hear more about your process of becoming a vegetarian. Ideas for recipes, and as someone else mentioned, good restaurants and vegetarian places to eat would be helpful.


  22. I love you so much Angela You are such a INSPIRATION to me! Huge Fan! :) Im always checking your blog because you have awesome posts and they always are so inspiring and informative! I've been a vegetarian going on a year!!! Its funny how your whole lifestyle changes and I feel like a new person! I was wondering what made you become a vegetarian? Also what are some of your favorite snacks, recipes and your favorite places to eat! God Bless You!
    XO Ebony XO

  23. Hello Angela,

    I also have a blog and before i had the blog I use to always write in my notebooks about whatever it was I was going through. I just wanted to say keep doing what you are doing. You are a wonderful human being. Some people who are in the industry would be afraid to let people into their world but you are not and I believe that's what makes you Angela. You are honest and up front about yours and you know what girls go through, so my advice to you is to continue doing what you are doing and the best of luck with your blog. P.S I love your blog.

  24. Hey Angela, I visited your blog a few times and I have to say that I'm loving it. I think you should do "outfit of the day" videos as well as give us a peek into what goes on in your life on a daily basis. I always think those videos are kind of fun to watch people out and about. I do appreciate that you are open and real about your feelings, it's very refreshing. I'm glad you didn't let Hollywood change you girl, stay humble!!

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  26. Hi Angela, I really like your blog. Your colors and back drop are really pretty. I like the look at fashion you give. I am straight forward and considerate, too! You have a very humble, cool outlook and you’re a risk taker. And, risk takers never fail. We just get better over time. :) You stepped out there with the blog and it will be a success. Always remember, you measure your success. No one else. I have a question about starting a business, if you have a moment. I am on Facebook as Marlyn Sankey. Or, if you follow me on twitter (MarlynSnky) I can send you a direct message. Thank you for keeping it real. ~Marlyn~

  27. :) im enjoying your blog :) i wrote you on twitter tellin you that by the way thanks for replying back to me :) but its helping me BIG time. Im want to know how was it for you moving from your parents house to california? Im moving to Cali myself, right now im in VA and i just want to kno what to expect from the new move. Thanks again :))

  28. i think that your blog is awsome. you opening your life and your heart to the world revealing who you truly are and i think that's a beautiful thing. So far i've enjoyed everything that you've put on your blog from the deep stuff to the chilled stuff. all i gotta say is keep it up and i definately appreciate that you're looking to your viewers/followers as to what you should put on your blog. Thanx for the time you take out of your day to share.
    Inspired <3

  29. I love your blog!
    I think you should write more about fitness and workout :)
    I'll stay tuned!!!!

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