Sunday, January 16, 2011

All In One Day

Stuck at a tire shop with a flat wasn't too fun. 

Lol look at my face .... (Not happy)

But I finally made it to the beach and ran around with foofi and bear.....

seen the sun set.... <3

And then i went bowling to cap off my fun day... 

I had a score of 103.. not bad.. hehe I lost :(  ( Sore loser) lol


  1. I love that dress whered u get it?

  2. i got a flat tire b4 its no fun at all love the beach pics. I plan on moving to california oneday it looks so beautiful. peace&love

  3. Looking good Angela! Can we get the name of the dress?

  4. Awesome photos! Loving how you wore the A.Wang dress "comfy chic". I have yet to wear mines but you've given me an idea:). Check out my blog!!

    xx Rina

  5. i love the pictures ... great expressions.
    besides the flat tire, your day went great.

  6. Angela you look beautiful bowling and seem that the day was good... Thats good that you can enjoy life...

  7. awwww looks like you had fun hun....loving the updates via your blog! I'm so happy you finally caved in and made one :)