Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome To London (Day and Life)

What I walked out my hotel to.

Jumped in a cab.

In Central London.:)

In my favorite store!

A cool coat.. I thought it was..

Tried on some cool shoes. I wasn't sure though.

Tried these too... But they didn't fit. :(

Ran into an amazing fan. With glam pies on....:) 

And 1 second later... Another one. She also had on pastry. :)

Some how i winded up shoeless.. Walking around the shoe dept. lol looking at clothes. Top Shop makes me crazy.. lol.. I never know what to do with myself... Shessh haha. I LOVE LONDON.:)


  1. I wish we had Topshop in my area. I hear nothing but great things about it.

    Love your Chanel boots!

    xo Nicole

  2. OMG! I'M OBSESSED WITH THOSE TOPS! I own at least 5! My friends have to make me put them down in the store. Love your new hair color too!

    - Diamond Selina

  3. lucky you! That's cool that you had fans wearing your shoes in london. Those heels are bomb times 2.

  4. oh my goodness thats me yesterday in the cherry turnovers i took the pic then remembered i wasn't wearing make up that day..noooooo! It was my bday too yay!

  5. top shop looks like a fun store! and that's cool you ran into some fans with pastry's on! :]

  6. Hey, Angela! Love from Lagos Nigeria. xoxo

  7. hmmmm... the Black Photog looks kinda cute (from what I can tell...)

  8. You are so beaautiful!!! I loove yo style, when are yoou coming in Paris? xxx

  9. I want that RUN DMC tee! CUTE!! And love the pic of you in oxford street highstreet!

  10. New @rihanna 's "Scandal & Media" artwork posted here: i hope you like it ;-)

  11. Hey...I have a Run DMC tee! Who doesnt own one of these and an ACDC tee?!?!? I love, need, and want those leggings, Ms.Angela!!
    Love your following...

    Prissy (Rush Our Fashion)

  12. great RUN DMC shirt and I love the color of your pants! It looks SUPER on you!

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