Thursday, January 13, 2011


Happiness comes in so many forms. Which way are you choosing today ? For me 
today I found happiness by laying on the beach and thinking. I found so much 
peace in the sound of waves and taking pictures. Observing my scene. Letting 
nature be my sound track! Wacthing birds fly. Just being in that moment. Not one 
care in the world. Because at that moment its just me and nature. No stress. No 
friends. Just ME. The sun and the sky seem to watch me. So I stare back. 
Peacefully. Peace is right where u need it. You don't have to search. Its right 
outside your door. Nature is beautiful . God gave us such a pretty play ground 
to appreciate. Love it. Take care of it! Just BE! :)
Angela Simmons ( Open diary 2011) 


  1. So jealous of you being at the beach, while there is snow still in NYC. Sometimes taking time for yourself can really make you feel good. Glad you enjoyed your moment =) Inspiring words. xox

  2. We at IgniteMyCulture Love this!!

  3. Beautiful Angie<3 Stay powerful..
    Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

  4. Cherish your solitude moments. I know I do. Taking the time to just be still is powerful. It has helped me to find peace and learn to listen to God's voice. Life is crazy and busy most of the time but nothing beats those moments when all u have is the beauty of nature around u.
    much love from Botswana, Africa

  5. Great post. Very inspirational.

  6. hii,
    i really like the things you write on your blog ^^

    much love,
    isabella from the netherlands :)

  7. I can't wait til the summer! I plan on chillin at the beach alot.

    SoCal has the best weather. hehe.

    xo Nicole

  8. The Pic only speak for its self lovely :-)

  9. youre such an inspiring person thank you for letting us in and sharing this with us.

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