Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is love ?

 The definition of love is.........
An undefined emotion that flows through you. 
You define love.
An unconditional thing.
Beats everything.
A deep passion.
A feeling.
A deep form of like beyond your imagination.
Like a stain on your heart. 

Angela Simmons ( Open diary 2010)

      What is love to you ? Take a piece a paper ,and write whatever comes to mind. I think love is  a beautiful thing. Never be too busy to let love into your life. Open your heart. 


  1. Love is what you can't explain very true.

  2. Love is something tht can't be defined&is often missed used but when your In-Love wit someone or something, you kno because thts all you think about,pray about,and the one thing tht makes you happy threw everything thts going wrong.!

  3. Love is being truly alive, being fully conscious of who you are, then and only then will your other half find his/her way to your heart ♥

  4. This how I use to feel when you drive by my Starbucks years ago in that red lovable benz follow me @butta116

  5. Love is that feeling...the one that down in your bones, deep in your heart. The feeling you get when you can't feel anything else! <3 <3

  6. Love is when you feel like you do not have to try hard or play games anymore because you have finally found someone that compliments you in every sense of the word. Its the feeling you get when you know that nothing really matters because no matter how hard things get (which they will) you will always have someone that's there for you.

    I wrote a blog about what love is too, looking specifically at what kids between 5 and 10 think. Its so cute how forward they are when it comes to things like that.

    I LOVE this post

  7. this is absolutely amazing!!...

  8. Yeah I agree with the other comments Love is when your heart is flowing...Striving for Pure Love

  9. What is love? I think love is something that unites people.

    It is like a dream or a smile it is a gift for the soul plus it's worthing more than any amount of dollars.

    I think we are blessed because such a thing as love exists.

    A situation can be seem so bad and makes us loosing yourself but when we think about those we love and those who love us that gives us faith back.

    Love is a power but not a power to control others it is a power that makes our daily life well kinda smooth.

    It doesn't matter if someone is white, asian, black, latin, straight or gay we all carry love within us.

    And people deserve to be loved for who they are. Love is what makes us beautiful because it makes our soul beautiful.

    Love has another name in every language may it be amor, amour, liebe or well sry i don't speak more languages... but it is smth which is understood in every country.

    And even if we get to know someone and don't understand the other ones language we still can show love & respect isn't that kinda magical?

    Of corse everyone thinks different about the meaning of love but i think it makes us strong, it makes us who we are and it let's everyone dream & believe in the good (:



    aka miralishious on twitter but i think you don't remember me you replied me like once lol (:

  10. i love this post its sooo real. Love is hard to come by but when true love comes and hit you in ur face u will kno its the real deal :)im still waitin for that hit lol

  11. I loved this post!! Posted my feelings about love on :-)))

  12. love is doing the laundry when you're not expected to

    love is being true to yourself, and selfless, all at the same time

  13. Love is a spiritual relationship and must first start with the Creator and that's JESUS=))

  14. Angela,

    Love can not be define. We can describe it but it has no certain meaning. It's different for everyone. It's part of what makes us unique. Love is a delicate word. Love is to be understand that life is what you make of it and its what it makes of you. So you may question what is love but in fact when do you ever know that Love you describe has came across your life and if it did why did it go so sudden or slow. Love is too complex to mess with. Just leave Love alone.
    Love will come and you don't always have to be able to describe or define it.


  15. The Four Kinds of Love

    In Greek, from which the New Testament was translated, the term "love” was expressed using different words with unique meanings. We don’t use these distinguishing words anymore. Today we loosely use the term "love." One might say, "I love to shop or I love my new house or I love my dog." So we use the word love to describe everything we would associate love with. Because of this, love can mean many different things to many different people. So let's discuss the four distinguishing words associated with love.

    “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” Ephesians 5:25 (ESV)

    The first kind of love was associated with the word "eros." Eros is having one's sexual needs met and was many times associated with lustful fulfillment. So when a man or woman would say, "I eros you," he or she was saying, "I want you in a sexual way." Eros is what most of the entertainment industry is made of. Love is associated or connected to sexual pleasure. When the Greeks desired sexual contact, they used the term "eros."

    Storge love also called familial love, is the Greek word for natural affection - such as the love of a parent toward a child, "cherishing one's kindred, especially parents or children".This is the love one has for a family member or relative. It is used in a platonic way. An example would be the love a brother has for his sister or the love a son has for his mother.

    The third Greek word for love was "phileo." Phileo describes the love of friends. When a man or woman said, "I phileo you," they were saying, "I love you as a friend." It had similar characteristics to the word eros in that it was tied to some degree of selfishness. The friendship was based on how the other person was treated. If you treated the other person right then they had a duty from your perspective to treat you right. So the attitude among friends was in order for your friend to get treated well, you must first be treated well. This friendship love based on conditions.

    This fourth word is different from eros and phileo because it expresses God’s love and shows God's perspective. Agape is purged of all coldness. Agape is unique because, unlike eros and phileo, agape has nothing to do with what the other person does or does not do. Eros is tied to having sexual needs met, and phileo is tied to how one treats another as a friend. But agape is taking the initiative to act not based on how someone else behaves, even at that person's own expense.