Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Top Miami Spots

Mr. Chows @ the W hotel 
Prime 112

Inside of Prime 112

(Fried Oreos from Prime 112 )

These are some of my favorite Miami spots. I love Mr.Chows. Prime 112 has the best Oreos. They fry their oreos. I know that sounds really different. But trust me they are amazing. I'm a dessert lover. Another really fun place to hang in Miami is Nikki Beach. Its a really nice place to chill out and vibe. They play really good music. A super chill vibe. Hope you enjoy the places I listed. :)


  1. I've never had fried oreo's before you have me thinking about them now =) xoxo

  2. Angela,

    It's funny how you mentioned about being a Dessert Lover. If readers haven't figured that out then they must not be wearing or looking at the Pastry Kicks lol. It's great you are sharing your thoughts on things. This helps people who probably never thought of trying things have a second thought on the matter. Fried Oreos. Now there is something to talk about whenever I should come across a place that might offer them.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. I really should try those fried oreos!

  4. fried oreos... hhmmm... should I? shouldn't I? will probably never find them here in South Africa. (Dream - to live it up in Miami, just for a little while). Have a blessed time Miss Ang