Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Miami Arrival

I'm so excited! I just touch down in MIA. Which only can mean good times to come. Miami is one place I just cant get enough of. When I travel through the airport I always like to be comfortable. I'm sure you can tell from the pictures above. As soon as I got to my hotel I sat outside ,and took in all the great air. I cant wait to see what this trip beings. Also it wouldn't be a trip without wearing my sparkly gold Uggz. They make every comfy outfit a little cooler than normal. Hehe. But i will keep you guys posted with pictures from my trip. We are quickly approaching 2011. So lets get it started. :) 
Signing off
Angela. S


  1. im the type of person that loovvveeesss traveling :) and that looks sooo relaxing enjoy ur trip and God bless

  2. I had no clue you had a blog.
    i feel so slow LOL.
    You look really comfortable, have fun in MIAMI!

  3. Angela,

    Welcome to Miami. I actually have a home not too far from the MIA. I hope you have a lovely time. Be safe and I hope all goes well.

    PS The more I read some of your post I am thinking if I should start my own. I don't know...But I will consider it one day.


  4. Bringing on the new year in comfy style... Loving it and loving ur blog... brilliant idea starting one... Hope you enjoy it and make the best of every second left of 2010... i think i'l be celebrating it before you do cuz i'm a couple of hours ahead where i'm at... but enjoy Miss Ang