Monday, December 27, 2010

A look into my closet

I thought this blazer was a steal. I just brought it LA at wasteland. That store has the best vintage stuff ever!     

Christian Louboutin ,  Vintage clutches , Vintage blazer


  1. Love the top and the shoes. I'll pair it with the goldish purse. The red purse will look nice with sumn else

  2. I love waste Land, Have you gone to the one in burbank there always stacked with tons of cute vinatge.

  3. Those pumps are so cute!! Your shoe game is ridiculous lol And that blazer is really cool I just love your style ♥


  4. Hey Angela quick question is your company looking for any interns by an chance
    Could you let. Me know please u can hit ne up on twitter @miss_chrissyy or

  5. Hey Anglea... I love that poem Iam a big fan of yours and I really admire you its so good to know that Im not alone in my search for prince charming... Some of the words you were saying its like you took them right out of my thoughts .. I am facing the same problems when it comes to guys... and it feels so good to know that Iam not alone.... Love your blog keep up all the great work God Bless...


  6. LOVE IT!

    im a big fan, i done a post about your a couple weeks back, read it if you have time

  7. That blazer is EVERYTHING!

    Reminds me of Chanel's Chain Silk Bomber! ;)

    xo Nicole

  8. OMG that blazer is so dope!

    I sell affordable Vintage Women's apparel

    I ♥ Vintage,

    Charlotte Marie

  9. Love Vintage....Do YOu Like Ruthie Davis shoes? they are edgy and girly at the same time.

  10. I love that blazer! Nice choice :)

  11. I like those pieces. All very cute!

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